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  • The Next Generation of Reform Jewish Social Activists

    Growing up in NFTY-GER, it’s hard to not come across Urban Mitzvah Corps (UMC) in some fashion. When I was a participant in NFTY-GER, UMC was present at the end of every event in the form of shout-outs, as well as being the focal point of Winter Kallah. Everyone always would rave about their amazing experiences at UMC, about how their summer in New Brunswick was one of the most impactful summers of their lives. That’s why this summer I made the decision to come to UMC, not as a participant, but as a staff member.

  • Reflections on the First Few Days of Urban Mitzvah Corps

    As I drove through the gates at URJ Camp Harlam on opening day I always heard the words “welcome home” as a drove by. To me, that phrase meant the agonizing months of waiting for summer at camp were finally over. I would immediately exhale and relieve the butterflies in my stomach. I had this same experience every summer for the past five years.