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  • Storytelling in the South MCNOLA 2013 at the Lower 9th Ward Village

    For the past 3 summers, I’ve had the honor of planning and leading the URJ Mitzvah Corps trip through the South. We’ve spent time in Jackson, Montgomery, Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans. We had the opportunity to learn about these different communities and listen to stories to provide context around civil rights, civil liberties, racial justice, criminal justice reform, and why these issues are important to us as Jewish participants.

  • What Joining My Neighborhood Food Co-Op Taught Me

    Shortly after moving to my current apartment in Brooklyn, my wife and I joined the legendary Park Slope Food Co-Op. The Co-Op is a member-owned grocery store, where every member contributes labor in exchange for access to shop. (Exceptions are made for new parents, individuals with disabilities, and longtime members who have earned retirement.)