Blog  BAMC, JPC, and H4H – acronyms of awesomeness!

BAMC, JPC, and H4H – acronyms of awesomeness!

by Alexa Chandler
Bay Area Mitzvah Corps, Participant

Today we were split up into two groups.  Half of us went to the Janet Pomeroy Center an the other half went to Habitat for Humanity in Daly City.  Habitat for Humanity started with lunch making in the apartment.  After lunches were made Dusty drove us to the work site (it was approximately 7:45 AM).  The second group woke up and had breakfast at 8:30, then proceeded to make lunch and take the bus to the Janet Pomeroy Center and had an exciting day at the zoo with their new friends. 

Back at Habit for Humanity, we were assigned to work with a super nice AmeriCorps volunteer named Rob.  We spent the morning cleaning up scrap wood and measuring/cutting fiberglass while Abby got to play on the roof.  At lunch Rebecca came back to the group and Sam switched with Abby.  We continued to  spend the afternoon cutting, measuring, and nailing fiberglass that was used to waterproof the side of the house.  At 4 PM Dusty arrived to take four people back to the dorms.  The remaining three of us managed to convince Sam to take us on an adventure to the donut shop across the street.  Don’t worry, we brought back donut holes for everyone!

BAMC at Habitat for Humanity

BAMC at Habitat for Humanity

We returned home, reunited with the other half of the group, and had FREE TIME before heading to dinner.  After dinner we headed to the apartment to have a program about God and trust.  We started outside the apartment then we were blind folded and one by one we were led in.  We heard some readings about God and listened some songs that depicted God in ways unique to each songwriter. 

Next came the trust part of the program.  Blindfolded, we were guided into a line and led on a long strange journey to a parking garage.  Upon arriving we took off the our blindfolds and sat in a circle on the ground in a dark corner of the garage.  We discussed the trust walk and then headed into the last part of the program.  This piece was about trusting each other enough to share something personal that made us feel vulnerable with the whole group.  It was a very emotional program, but it brought us closer together as a group.  We ended with our regular Siyum, headed back to the dorms, and ate ice cream.  After our ice cream party, we went to sleep so we could be ready for the next busy day of fun!