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UMC Forever!

UMC 2012 exploring New Brunswick!

by Zachary Gischner
Participant, Urban Mitzvah Corps 2012

It is not possible for words to even begin to describe how much this summer has changed my life.  I already know that my experiences at Urban Mitzvah Corps will stay with me forever.

The people that I have met and the job sites that I have worked at have all been amazing!  After spending my first three weeks of the program working at Elijah’s Promise, a local soup kitchen, I now think of myself as an Elijah’s Promise veteran and a farm boy.  I loved working both on the farm and with the food, and seeing how food goes from farm to table was an amazing experience that I found incredibly valuable.

I was sad to leave Elijah’s Promise, but then fell in love with Regency Heritage, a Jewish nursing home and my new job site.  The residents at Regency were amazing; they had an incredible ability to make me laugh and cry at the same time!  One of the highlights of time there was having one of my favorite residents tell me that she thinks of me like a son!  It was a complete surprise in such an amazing way!  I also heard about one woman’s story about living through the London Blitz, and I have even met and spoken with a Cuban Jew!  I am so sad to have had to say goodbye, but I know that I did so much good for the New Brunswick area and the residents at Regency Heritage.

This summer will 100% always remain in my mind, and in my heart.