Blog  New Orleans Blog: Something Special About NOLA Green Roots

New Orleans Blog: Something Special About NOLA Green Roots

by: Mollie Berman & Abby Libbus
Participants, Mitzvah Corps New Orleans 2014

Arriving at NOLA Green Roots is an experience in and of itself. The moment we step off the bus, we are completely overwhelmed by the blazing heat and the scent of warm chickens in the air. There are plants growing everywhere, some fully grown, filled with

Rinsing out rain collection barrels at NOLA Green Roots!

Rinsing out rain collection barrels at NOLA Green Roots!

vegetables ready to be harvested. Others barely saplings with their little buds poking out of the earth to greet the morning sun.

We all move to the benches out back, waiting for Brock’s instructions. While we wait, we’re all sure to put on sunscreen an a hat. And everything else we’d need to stay comfortable. It’s going to be a long, hot day. Brock begins by asking us where we’re from. 13 different states and Canada. He’s impressed, and happy to joke around with us.

But now it’s time to get to work. There are all sorts of jobs to be done. Some people are in the greenhouse, others in the Children’s Garden. Others are harvesting vegetables and a few are planting some more. Everyone works hard. There’s always some work to be done. The sun’s rays beat down, but somehow we don’t seem to mind. Working the day away with our friends makes the time fly by without realizing.

Bagging fresh herbs at NOLA Green Roots!

Bagging fresh herbs at NOLA Green Roots!

Before we know it, it’s time for lunch. Those delicious packed lunches that everyone loves so much give us all the energy we need, while Brock tells us stories about himself.

And in no time, it’s back to work. The second half goes by even faster than the first. As we work, we ask Brock questions and slowly begin to create that special bond. Just before we are ready to leave, Brock inspires us with both stories and words of wisdom. The bus arrives, we pile in, and can’t wait to come back again. There is, without a doubt, something special about NOLA Green Roots.

Working with NOLA Green Roots was an exciting and rewarding experience for all of our Mitzvah Corps community. Providing fresh, healthy food for NOLA families was eye opening for us. On our Alabama trip, we learned how hard it can be for people just to have their basic human rights, like food on the table. By working with Green Roots, we were able to provide for people and help them to live the lives every human being both needs and deserves. And actually, being able to be a part of that process was the greatest feeling in the world.