Blog  Shabbat Shalom from Costa Rica!

Shabbat Shalom from Costa Rica!

It has been an incredible trip so far, and already it is time for our second Shabbat in Costa Rica. One week ago, we celebrated Shabbat at Congregation B’nei Israel in San José, where we were blown away by the tight-knit, diverse Jewish community found so far from home. This week, we will spend Shabbat in what has been our home for the last six days, La Fortuna de Bagaces, where we have been welcomed with open arms. Each of our teens will spend time reflecting on their experience in this new community and on how it has impacted their Jewish identity.thumbnail_FullSizeRender

So how is playing soccer with our new friends in La Fortuna “Jewish?” Simply put, by building relationships with communities that are different from ours, and working alongside them to achieve amazing things, we are pursuing the values of equality and justice that the Jewish people hold so close to their hearts.

Although this is our second and final Shabbat of Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica, we know that the lessons we have learned will remain with us far beyond our time here: the importance of kindness to strangers, the love of lea
rning, and the power of making new connections. We are so proud of our teens for the curiosity and maturity they have demonstrated on our trip, and this final Shabbat will be our opportunity to share in each other’s growth before we part ways.

Shabbat Shalom,
Lulu Belferder, Abby Solomon, and Yair Walton                                                                                                                       Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica I 2016 Staff Team