Blog  DC: I Want to See a World Where…

DC: I Want to See a World Where…

By Mitzvah Corps DC 2016 Participants and Program Staff

With 28 participants from all over the nation, the individuals making up Mitzvah Corps DC 2016 don’t seem to have much in common on first glance. We’re coming from different states, different backgrounds, and different interests. But the common denominator became clear almost instantly- we all want to see a better world and want to know how we can get ourselves there.

We started off our week by asking each other, “What kind of a world do you want to see?” It’s no secret that both our world and our nation are dealing with problems that pose difficult questions and even harder solutions. In Washington, DC, our country’s capital, activism and policy intersect every day as different voices come together to try to answer those tough questions. Inequality, racism, poverty- we struggle with these challenges as a society, and remembering the values that we want to see in our world will help guide us as we have difficult conversations and work to find solutions together.

28 students from 28 communities, all coming together in DC for a week to talk about social justice, policy, and the future of our world. These conversations and issues aren’t easy, but we don’t think they should be. We all see a world with better opportunities, more compassion, and less hate, and we want to talk about how we can help make it a reality.

We’re looking forward to an amazing week with this community. Stay tuned for more updates from Mitzvah Corps DC!


I want to see a world where no matter who you are or where you’re from, your voice is heard.



I want to see a world where people can go outside and not be afraid of violence. 



I want to see a world where people don’t have to live on the street.



I want to see a world where people aren’t limited by their age, gender, race,
sexual orientation, religion, or disability.



I want to see a world without violence and war so people can live their life without fear.



I want to see a world where clean water is available to everyone.



I want to see a world where people can speak their minds without fear.