Blog  Pacific Northwest: Supporting Others

Pacific Northwest: Supporting Others

By Sara Lorber (aka Violet Storm), Mitzvah Corps Pacific Northwest I 2016 Participant

Waiting for her fellow Pacific Northwest participants at the airport on arrival day, Sara rewrote the lyrics to Alan Sherman’s classic “Camp Granada.” Get your microphone out and sing along!

Hello Muddah,

Hello Faddah,

Here I am at

Mitzvah Corps Pacific!

It’s been very


But I think that it will very soon be raining

I thought there’d be

campers thirty

instead there’s only

campers eight (y)

Sitting in the

baggage claim for

all those hours that barely added to four

Gotta go, oh Muddah, Faddah

Gotta go, got stuff to do now

Work to do, you’ve gotta let me stay

I’ve been here one whole day

Weeds to pull here,

Things to learn here,

Time to end is

drawing near here

Tis my blog post

gee, that’s better;

Muddah, Faddah

kindly disregard this letter!


A week into Mitzvah Corps Pacific Northwest, Sara reflects on her experiences in Seattle so far.

I’ve always been told that I see things differently from other people. It’s never meant in a mean way, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder how everyone else sees things. Because society is the words of the many, but the words of the many sometimes seem to contradict the needs of the most. During a discussion last night, someone put forth the idea that maybe we were doing too much to help, that we were holding people’s hands and using too much of our resources to do so.

Here’s how I see it:

We should be the crutches, a way to take some of the weight off those who need a helping hand; it relieves the pressure, but others still have to decide to walk on their own. We cannot, and should not, walk for them, but if they put forth the effort, we should do all we can to help them move on.