Blog  Pacific Northwest: More Reasons to Laugh

Pacific Northwest: More Reasons to Laugh

By Sara Bressler, Mitzvah Corps Pacific Northwest I 2016 Participant

Coming to Mitzvah Corps Pacific Northwest, I was anxious thinking I wouldn’t make friends with the people on the trip. When my plane landed though, I was immediately greeted with a friendly face. As we made our way through baggage claim, a few of us awkwardly made small talk, the staff encouraging any and all interaction. Then, came the mom vans (mini vans). We were split in half and driven to our dorms with some more small chatter.

As soon as we all sat down for dinner, all of the awkwardness quickly subsided and what was left was an amazing group of people who I immediately connected with. Everyone was laughing and having fun. That same night, my roommate, Joy, and I could barely find a good time to sleep. For hours, we were talking, laughing, and having a good time.
Now, half way though the trip, nothing has changed. As I sit here (more like lay here), writing my blog post, I still hear Anna warning people not to kill the bees. From talking to Violet and learning about her aspirations to playing Settlers of Catan with Writer and learning about him. From talking about politics with everyone to telling silly stories from home. Everyday, I learn more and more about everyone’s personality and find more reasons to laugh.