Blog  Civil Rights Journey: What Do You Stand Up For?

Civil Rights Journey: What Do You Stand Up For?

By Mitzvah Corps Civil Rights Journey 2016 Participants

We stood on the steps of Central High School, where, in 1957, nine brave high school students stood up for their rights and took part in the most widely publicized school integration in the country. Standing in the same space as those students, we proudly proclaimed what we choose to stand up for in our own communities. Here are our responses, with text captions below:

thumbnail_Central High

Captions Below From Left to Right

“#LoveisLove (Maddy)

#EducationForAll – All people regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, etc. are entitled to a decent standard of education (Ben)

The rights of education for all (Nina)

“Your silence will not protect you” – Audre Lorde (Melanie)

Justice for all (Elliot)

Black Lives Matter – Equality for all, regardless of race or sexual orientation (Ari)

Each of us has a spark, but only together we can make a flame (Katherine)

Housing is a Civil Right (Noah)

Human Rights are Women’s Rights (Miriam)

Human trafficking still exists – so we can end it (Vivian)

I wish the world could go back to having the mindset of a toddler when it comes to the color of a person’s skin. You can see that there are different colors, but you don’t hesitate when making a new friend #equalityforall (Elijah)

#FarmsNotFactories – End Food Injustice (Jonah)

Be the outspoken voice for your community (Alex)

#AllIntelligenceMatters (Miranda)

I stand for treating people equally and with respect, no matter any of our differences (Ellie)

Ban the confederate flag (Henry)

Don’t avoid equality; end privatization of schools that prevent inequality; fix the wealth gap (Jacob)

Liberty and justice for all (Simon)

Equal Education for all people (Eliana)

Healing Harmony (Caleb)

Reproductive Justice for all (Nora)