Blog  Costa Rica: Watching the Sun Rise

Costa Rica: Watching the Sun Rise

By Jared Miller, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica II Participant

Imagine standing in the middle of a pitch black rain forest in Yorkin, Costa Rica. Now look up and see the moon shining through the clouds that lie thickly in the summer sky. This was me at 4:17 this morning.

Following the scene above, I re-entered my cabin and woke up my friends to get ready. All eight of us silently got dressed and gathered on the front porch. Entering the dark jungle for the second time today, I was able to navigate through the brush from walking the same paths many times before. As we emerged from the woods, our head lamps shed light upon a wooden-rope bridge suspended about 30 feet over a river. We walked into the middle of the bridge, turned off our flashlights, sat down, and began to watch.

For a while, we could see very little due to the darkness and heavy fog. We were left only to the cool breeze through our hair, the sounds of rushing water crashing against rocks beneath us, and the swarm of wildlife around us. Eventually, the sky lightened and the fog began to lift. The valley we have grown to know and love became visible. The rope bridge that we were sitting on rested between two mountain ranges. On our left was a rain forest and on our right, a large banana plantation.

Finally, we were able to see what we woke up at 4:00 AM to witness. It was the view of a lifetime. We saw a sunrise we will never forget, and we saw it while sitting beside friends we will never forget.