Blog  Why Mitzvah Corps Needs You This Year

Why Mitzvah Corps Needs You This Year

Over the past fifty years, Mitzvah Corps has been a champion of grassroots efforts around the world to lift up the disenfranchised, lobby for economic and racial equality, fight to sustain rights and services for refugees, and support victimized communities of natural disasters. But the call to action is louder now than it’s ever been.

We’re dedicating our New Year’s resolution to the fight for justice.

But we can’t do it without your partnership, and that of the teens in your community. Here are three ways you can connect with our movement:

  1. High school student? Register to join us this summer.
  2. Know a high school student? Let us know, or ensure they know how we can help them take action.
  3. Think money might be a challenge? Consider these ways to fund a summer.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions along the way. We’re in this together.