Blog  Israel: Masada’s Stones

Israel: Masada’s Stones

By Rebecca Rich, Mitzvah Corps Israel 2017 Participant

Right before we left the historical site of Masada, our tour guide asked us all to take a stone off of the mountain so that one day we, or someone we know and trust, can return the stone to its rightful place, as technically, taking anything from the site is not allowed because it is a historical site and nature reserve. This is my interpretation of the significance of that.

A stone
Something so small
So minuscule to the world
And yet
It serves a purpose:
A promise of return

How can something so small be a promise?
It has a place that it belongs
A place that it came from
But it needs to take a journey first

It does not matter where that journey leads
As long as it can come back
Renewed and refreshed

Everyone is connected to their place of origin
Whether it be through others or themselves
Yet sometimes they need to take a journey
To discover parts of or their whole identity

This group
Coming from all over a wide expanse
Came together to form a community
We are all on a journey together

But soon
We need to return home
To our place of origin
We will return stronger than ever
But still be connected to the journey

Much like stones
They hold so much history in their tiny shapes
And they are joining us for our own journeys

So when they come back
They will have a whole new story to tell

In the future
Everyone will allow themselves to become one of these stones
To try something new and different
But still return to the familiar with a new perspective

A physical journey is unnecessary
Even something within oneself can be enough
As long as it still makes an impact