Blog  Costa Rica: Reflections

Costa Rica: Reflections

By Costa Rica 1B 2017 Participants

As their time together draws to a close, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica reflects on the experiences they had working and exploring Costa Rica.

I love all the new experiences this trip has offered me. Learning about a new country with other teens is so fun!” – Ana

This trip has been incredibly impactful. I have traveled to Costa Rica many times, yet this time I got to experience it with other Jewish teens! I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the communities that shared their culture with us.” – Jessica

There’s nothing that parallels watching 70 baby sea turtles make their way to the shore or spending all day mixing and pouring concrete as monkeys swing overhead. Mitzvah Corps has given me the opportunity to do my part to change the world, and I am forever grateful.” – Zoe

“This week I have met some of the most amazing people ever- from all over America and all over the world. Restoring the school here and helping to save the sea turtles have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.” – Sarah

This has been an experience that I’ll always remember, consisting of helping another community, bonding with other Jewish teens my age from around the country, and having fun in a cool and new country.” – Chloe

This amazing experience of giving back to a community and helping has been very rewarding.” – Sophie

It was especially gratifying to see the beautiful end result after all of the hard work we put into the school. The look on the faces of the school workers gave me a genuine feeling of happiness, which made everything pay off.” – Andrew

As my first time leaving the country solely for the purpose of helping others, it was a wonderful milestone for me because of the work we did. Repainting and fixing the sidewalk hopefully will help the students appreciate their education, which makes me so happy that it was me that helped them.” – Sam R.

It was both humbling and inspiring to work with the Barra de Pacuare school. Jorge, the school’s director, dedication was contagious.” – Sam S.

Experiencing different activities that I’ve never done before is pretty fun because as a group, we are working together and having a great time together.” – Max

Helping others on this trip is an awesome experience and builds character.” – Blake