Blog  Costa Rica: Volunteering at Escuela Barra de Pacuare

Costa Rica: Volunteering at Escuela Barra de Pacuare

By Chloe Hickman, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica 1B 2017 Participant

My experience with Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica has definitely impacted the way I view education. I feel more grateful for the opportunities I have in California now that I was able to volunteer at Escuela Barra de Pacuare, a Costa Rican school.

As a group, we worked incredibly hard to build sidewalks for the seven children who attend the school. By mixing concrete, smoothing down the layers of the mixture, and perfecting each sidewalk section, I am now able to say these little kids don’t have be covered in mud everyday just from walking around their school.

We also repainted the two buildings that make up the entirety of the school. A fresh coat of color and a beautiful mural inside the kitchen made the school look a little brighter and will hopefully make the kids feel more excited to go to school. Repainting the buildings meant a lot to me because I love art and creating things, so it gave me an opportunity to portray my love of art and create a nicer environment for the students at the same time.

Last, the garden where we planted healthy vegetables to be used in dishes cooked at the school was not only fun to put together, but will also give the children a goal to keep the garden thriving and fresh.

I’m thankful to be able to visit this amazing school where great things are being accomplished.