Blog  New Orleans: Working with NOLA Green Roots

New Orleans: Working with NOLA Green Roots

By Evan Pascal, Mitzvah Corps New Orleans 2017 Participant

Over the last two days, our group spent time at NOLA Green Roots. NOLA Green Roots is a non-profit organization that plants a variety of vegetables and supplies them to the New Orleans community. On the first day, Brock, who founded the organization, told us that some people can’t find any fresh produce where they live. After our introduction, we were divided up into groups and given different tasks. Some of us were planting, some were weeding, and some were filling holders with soil. Together, we worked to plant 360 vegetables in one hour! As per usual, our group worked great together! A moment that stuck out from the first day was when Brock talked to us about the importance of never doing the same thing twice. In that spirit, we all performed different tasks on the second day.

As a group, we felt very accomplished to be helping the New Orleans community. After seeing some parts of the city that are in need of support, we were happy to know exactly where the produce we were helping to grow would be going. Fresh food is something many of us take for granted. After hearing Brock and Bella, the current leader of NOLA Green Roots, inform us about the importance of locally grown produce and its impact on the local community, taking food for granted is not something that will happen again.

Lastly, I wanted to take this opportunity to write about how much I appreciate everyone in this group. These last two days were our first real experiences of service together. It was incredible to watch everyone work together in the heat, rain, and snow (just kidding). Within 5 minutes, we all created an assembly line system for the planting and filling of soil. Working together as a group proved to be successful. As a group, we have grown very close within our first few days of the trip. We have found a way to make something fun in everything that we do. I know we are all looking forward to the rest of the trip here, especially to helping this community in as many ways as possible.