Blog  Costa Rica: Visiting the Yorkin Village

Costa Rica: Visiting the Yorkin Village

By Sam Barter, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica 2 2017 Participant

Upon arriving to Yorkin with Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica, we were greeted with the open, helpful, and welcoming hearts of the Yorkin village people. Everyone there had their own unique personalities and each played a significant role in the village life. One of the parts that we saw most often was that of the kitchen cooks. They played such an important role while we were there because the food kept us full and more importantly, was absolutely delicious. In fact, it was the best food I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not exaggerating!

Our first service project in Yorkin was helping the community plant more plants in their garden. Yorkin uses these plants for their everyday needs, because they’re essentially not near a big city or town, and they don’t have access to pharmacies to get medication if they are feeling ill. These plants that are in the surrounding jungle and in their garden serve as medication and food. We spent the day filling up bags with dirt and planting seeds in them. It was fun and relaxing, and we got to interact with one of the ladies in charge of the garden, who brought along her children and gave the group many laughs and smiles.

My favorite moment was when I was working in the dirt with the gardener, Marjorie, sitting next to me. There was a language barrier between us; I know the absolute bare minimum of Spanish and she didn’t known English, and yet we were still able to communicate between hand signs, laughs, and smiles. On our way out of Yorkin, I noticed Marjorie sitting and waiting for us to leave. I embraced her in a hug, thanking her for sharing her community with us and letting us be part of her garden. It didn’t take much from Marjorie to come and say bye to our group, yet we had only spent three hours together on our very first day. Still, she thought of us and wanted to say goodbye, and in that moment, it really changed my perspective on how it is the little things in life that do mean the most.