Blog  Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

As you likely know, people of all faiths, race, gender, and status, are being hurt by the destructive natural forces of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane has already had an impact on the lives of over 2.3 million people living in eastern Texas and has made its way towards Louisiana. Members of our own community are both among those affected, as well as leaders in the response efforts, and as we watch the devastation of Hurricane Harvey unfold, we urge you to take action in providing relief to these families who must rebuild so much from something out of their control.

Right now, the most effective way to act is to make a financial contribution to those directly affected by Hurricane Harvey:

In times of need for these communities, we are asking you to do the most. This goes beyond just a share or a retweet. From providing support yourself or rallying your own community to donate to this cause, we must truly help those in need. When we work together, we can make lasting change forever.

Mitzvah Corps and URJ Youth will continue to keep you updated on our collective efforts, funds raised, and ways to support the flood relief, from education to advocacy to mobilizing your peers, so you can use your voice to inspire others to join this cause.

Thank you, as always, for being our partner in progress.