Blog  Shabbat Shalom from Costa Rica!

Shabbat Shalom from Costa Rica!

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote, “To be spiritual is to be amazed.” As we enter Shabbat, our own spirits are filled with awe at your amazing children!
They were brave as they rode the rapids down Rio Pacuare.
They were open-minded as they asked questions to locals about customs in Costa Rica.
They were kind as they got to know each other, bonding about shared hobbies and finding common ground.
We have witnessed your teens experiencing their own moments of spiritual amazement.

Of the beautiful landscapes we’ve seen – “It’s so amazing that nature made this.” Of their own strength – “I can’t believe we did that.” And of their ability to connect across language barriers – “I spoke to our guide the whole time in SPANISH!”

We have been so deeply impressed with the quality of each person we are traveling with. This experience has been challenging, yet it is filled with so much wonder… and so much rice and beans.

This Shabbat we will complete our volunteer service with the BriBri people. We have loved learning about their indigenous culture and are glad to have done our part in helping build their water system. We hope this message brings a bit of the awe we’ve felt into your Shabbat as well. Shabbat shalom and “Pura Vida!”

Rabbi Peter Rigler and Eliza Scheffler
Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica 1 2018 Team Leaders