Blog  Costa Rica: Snapshots of a Lifetime

Costa Rica: Snapshots of a Lifetime

By Eliza Scheffler, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica 1 Team Leader 

How do you capture the experience of a lifetime? As our group finishes our final day together in Costa Rica, we are reflecting on what this trip has meant to us. Take a look at some of the memories we will hold on to, even once we have returned to the States.

Working on the Yorkin Aqueduct Project was more challenging than we anticipated, but it helped us learn more about ourselves as individuals and bond as a group.

These illustrations, by Raina Farmer, show some of what we encountered during our time in Yorkin with the Bri Bri community.

The cacao pod is a common crop in Yorkin. We toured their chocolate factory and ground cacao by hand, tasting included!

Many of the buildings in Yorkin had roofs made from suita. We heard about how the locals gather suita leaves and learned how to tie them for roofing.

We also tried our hand at pressing sugar cane. We drank the sweet liquid mixed with fresh tropical fruit juice.

Our rain boots came in handy as we tromped through the mud that is common in the area of Yorkin during the rainy season. While locals seem to gracefully navigate the muddy paths, we were slipping and sliding along them, sometimes even learning what it means to be stuck in the mud – literally! We were always able to pull each other out though, laughing the whole time.