Blog  Shabbat Shalom from New Jersey!

Shabbat Shalom from New Jersey!

This week’s Torah portion, Pinchas, includes a powerful lesson on community organizing and making change. As Moses conducts a census of the people of Israel and begins to divide the land, the five daughters of Tzelafchad ask Moses for the land that belonged to their father, who died without sons. This week, Urban Mitzvah Corps New Jersey began three meaningful volunteer projects across New Brunswick. Whether pruning tomatoes and learning about urban farming with Elijah’s Promise, providing a super fun camp experience for kids at Play Safe, or spending time with our elders at Regency Heritage House, all of these projects embody the actions of Tzelafchad’s daughters. That is, making change is all about good people coming together and working for a better world. And even if the results aren’t immediate or complete – Pinchas isn’t exactly a story of feminist power – this portion helps us chart a course towards a world free of hunger, neglect, and poverty. A world built on love, justice, and equality.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ezra, Julia, Billy, and Emily
Urban Mitzvah Corps New Jersey 2018 Team Leaders