Blog  Urban Mitzvah Corps: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Urban Mitzvah Corps: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

By Urban Mitzvah Corps New Jersey 2018 Program Participants

Urban Mitzvah Corps participants were asked to reflect on their summer in New Brunswick thus far by answering two questions. Below are their responses.

How is this experience changing you?

-It’s making me more empathetic and aware of the world around me

-I’m becoming more confident with myself and around others

-More aware and mindful

-Found more of myself

-I have more respect and awareness for different people and social groups

-Gained experiences in things new to me

-It made me aware of social justice issues

-I am influencing the lives of children

-It made me more aware of how privileged I am and how I should use it to help others

-I have learned to make new friends, gain new leadership opportunities, and change the world

-I have gained new knowledge and experiences that I will never forget

-I have learned about myself and the ways I can impact my community

-I am learning more about the realistic problems in the world

-Opened my eyes to new opportunities

-I have learned more about issues facing those around me

-I’ve learned that even the littlest things make a big difference

-It is making me more aware of the issues that exist in underprivileged communities

-I think that it is making me a more thoughtful and selfless person

What are you hoping to get out of the next two weeks?

-Bond more with those around me

-Make deeper connections with people

-I want to make some kid’s day and get even more experience working with kids. Also, I want to have fun playing with kids.

-I am hoping to have more interaction with people at my job site and in the house

-Better, deeper relationships

-More fun and more opportunities to help people

-I am hoping to continue making meaningful relationships with my friends and the people around me

-I hope I get to experience more things that make me stop and think (I want to make more people smile, too)

-I want to be open to new ideas and experiences

-I’m excited to open my mind to new things that make me realize how lucky I am

-I am excited to work with younger kids and be able to make their summers amazing

-I hope to make a major impact on all of the lives around me

-Impact on older people

-Happiness and the ability to make people smile

-New experiences