Blog  American South: Leaving this Trip Inspired

American South: Leaving this Trip Inspired

By Olivia Panasko, Mitzvah Corps American South 2018 Participant

I am leaving this trip feeling inspired. Inspired for the future. Through the many museums we have explored and discovered on this trip, you can’t help but notice the people going to learn about Civil Rights and racial injustices. I’ve seen Caucasians, Asians, people of color, the old, and the young all go visit the many sites we have visited on our American South trip. Instead of the oppressed being the only ones to talk about the discrimination, everyone is beginning to talk about it. That’s such an important part in the journey to make a change for the future. Once we address the intolerance we can start to teach tolerance. Everything we have done on this trip is to become more educated on racial discrimination and the people who are visiting these same museums and organizations are doing the same as well. It’s not about us anymore, it is about everyone now. Everyone needs to learn what happened during slavery, during the civil rights movement, and even now with wrongful imprisonment and continued racial discrimination. Once we have the knowledge, we can start to fix our world for a better tomorrow- a better 21st Century where history does not repeat itself.