Blog  Why I Came Back to Urban Mitzvah Corps

Why I Came Back to Urban Mitzvah Corps

By Josh Deliver, two-time UMC participant

My name is Joshua Deliver. I am a participant of UMC ‘19 and was also a participant last year at UMC ‘18. Most people tend to only do one year of Urban Mitzvah Corps, so why did I decide to return to do two? Good question! I wanted to return to make new friends, relive the fun I had last year, and once again brighten other people’s lives. That is why I am spending yet another July in the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority house on the New Brunswick Rutgers campus. I am glad to say that this year’s Urban Mitzvah Corps experience has already surpassed any expectations I had, and I couldn’t be any happier.

It was really fun to revisit my work site from last summer at Regency Jewish Heritage, a post-acute rehab and nursing center for seniors. So many of the people that live there remembered me from last year!

At Urban Mitzvah Corps, we change work sites halfway through, and during the next rotation I’m going to Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, the one place where I wasn’t able to volunteer last year. I don’t know very much about it, but what I have learned so far has made me very excited to work there with my new friends and fellow volunteers.

I’m so glad I decided to spend another summer at UMC. Instead of being in my room on my computer all day, I’m going out in a community to help improve the lives of others, and I wear the biggest smile on my face while doing so.