For more than 50 years, Mitzvah Corps has been the premier provider of social justice experiences for high school students, giving teens the opportunity to travel the world, build meaningful relationships with one another and their global peers, understand the complexities and challenges facing various communities, take action on issues they care about, and embrace the ways that Judaism empowers them to enact real change.

A Different Approach to Volunteering

Our programs go beyond a traditional volunteer or service trip, working alongside innovative partners in communities around the world to play a role in existing change mechanisms, support local economies, and engage in social justice efforts that are sustainable, positive, and sensitive to the unique needs of different cultures. Supplemented by a curriculum designed to address the real issues of privilege, power dynamics, and inherent challenges in volunteer travel, Mitzvah Corps experiences offer teens the chance to engage in dynamic conversations, learn how to ask the right questions, and understand the process and methodology behind the projects we support.

Diverse Range of Program Offerings

Mitzvah Corps offers a diverse menu of short-term summer programs for rising 10th graders through college freshmen. We strive to make meaningful social justice accessible to all participants by offering programs that range in date, location, cost, length, and issue focus. Participants are welcome to identify one opportunity that fits their needs, or to mix and match multiple programs for a full summer of social justice around the world.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Mitzvah Corps is dedicated to creating environments for all participants that will be open, understanding, and accepting, and where bias and prejudice will not be tolerated. Participants can expect to work, live, and learn alongside peers with a variety of gender identities, sexual orientations, Jewish movement affiliations, physical or non-physical disabilities, communication styles, and backgrounds, among other factors that contribute to each teen’s unique character. By attending a Mitzvah Corps program, families are signifying a commitment to be welcoming and celebratory of the diversity amongst the community we are creating, and the global communities we are proud to be a part of.

Our Mitzvah Corps staff team gladly welcomes questions, and values honest and open communication before, during, and after each program. Please don't hesitate to contact our office at 212-452-6517 or, and we look forward to connecting!