“My Mitzvah Corps journey is bringing my Facebook feed to life, exposing me to current social and political injustices. My eyes are opened wide and I know the knowledge I am gaining will be used to enact social change.”

– Jacob, FL


“This trip has shown me that education is key. Education is the only method that can assure that these mistakes are not repeated.”

– Katherine, CA


“The houses we are helping to build will eventually be sold to teachers. Teachers are at the foundation of our knowledge and without their help and support, communities are not full. By providing shelter for them, we will be giving back to this community after what they so graciously have given to us.”

– Elena, AZ

“It’s already clear that this is one of the most rewarding programs we’ll ever be a part of. The kids we work with have grown up in a completely different way than we have, and getting to know them has made us realize the privilege we’ve had our entire lives.”

– Abby, TX

“Urban Mitzvah Corps has changed my life by showing me the profound impact service can have on our communities.”

– Josh, NJ


“The residents at Regency [Heritage Nursing Home] feel a connection to us, just as people all over New Brunswick have felt connections to Mitzvah Corps participants every summer for the past 47 years. Mitzvah Corps is about that personal connection. It’s not just about helping people, but about getting to know them.”

– Adam, NJ

“Had I not taken a step outside of my comfort zone, I would not feel as fulfilled and motivated as I do right now.”

– Nicole, CT



“Through working with the International Rescue Committee to create a summer camp for refugee children, we have helped develop a safe place to welcome them to America. We have developed close and meaningful relationships with the campers, and it has been a unique privilege to offer time and assistance for these kids to grow and simply enjoy themselves.”

– Spencer, NJ

“This week I have met some of the most amazing people ever- from all over America and all over the world. Restoring the school here and helping to save the sea turtles have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

– Sarah, MI


“My favorite moment was when I was working in the dirt with the gardener, Marjorie, sitting next to me. There was a language barrier between us; I know the absolute bare minimum of Spanish and she didn’t known English, and yet we were still able to communicate between hand signs, laughs, and smiles. On our way out of Yorkin, I noticed Marjorie sitting and waiting for us to leave. I embraced her in a hug, thanking her for sharing her community with us and letting us be part of her garden. It didn’t take much from Marjorie to come and say bye to our group, yet we had only spent three hours together on our very first day. Still, she thought of us and wanted to say goodbye, and in that moment, it really changed my perspective on how it is the little things in life that do mean the most.”

– Sam, FL

“To be completely honest, my first time out of the country was eye-opening, gratifying, awe-inspiring, motivating, life changing. Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica brought together an incredible group that made my trip of firsts the experience of a lifetime.” 

– Andrew, NC


“I spent Shabbat last week in the middle of a jungle, sitting on a wood floor in a circle with the rest of the people on my trip. We had a short ‘service,’ with bread rolls, Welch’s grape juice, and a dimly lit candle. The people on my trip were varied in their levels of involvement with Judaism, so not everyone knew all the prayers. But what almost everyone in the room did know- the only thing that was truly familiar in this jungle so far from my home- was the Sh’ma. Everyone knew it and sang it without hesitation, without stumbling over the words. This group of people I had just met, that came from all across the country with so many different backgrounds and experiences, was brief, yet completely, united.”

– Catherine, MD

“We learned so much about ourselves, our Judaism, and our ongoing mission to improve and fix the world. I am glad that I was able to spend this amazing experience with such wonderful people; it’s been just another piece in this overall incredible adventure that we are on together.”

– Scott, FL

“We were all so impressed to see everyone [from the Chilcapamba community] come out to work and it was amazing to watch how much progress could be made in so little time. While we worked side by side, we became part of something bigger and something more important. For all of these things, I am beyond grateful.”

– Samantha, CT