Impact Your Congregation

Let us help your congregation advance major social justice causes by training and empowering your teens to be leaders in your community.

Our programs are designed to connect participants with opportunities to immerse themselves in new cultures, gain hands-on experience in addressing social justice challenges that they feel passionately about, and obtain the skills to engage their local, regional, and national communities in meaningful and relevant social action.

Each Mitzvah Corps program has a specific issue focus, aligned with current events, conversations that teens are actively having with their peers, and the social justice priorities of the Reform Movement, NFTY, and many Reform congregations. Our goal is that by sending your participants to Mitzvah Corps, they’ll return home to you well versed in these issues and the role that Judaism plays in addressing them, and prepared to actively incorporate their newly developed skill set into your congregation.

Engage Your Teens

Teens choose to spend their summer on a Mitzvah Corps program because they are interested in traveling, challenging themselves to have an out-of-the-box experience to enhance their personal growth, and begin to be able to envision the role they can, and will, play in the world around them.

While some Mitzvah Corps participants are active in their NFTY regions, camps, and local youth groups, many are not. We welcome a diverse array of participants, who bring a different perspectives, prior Jewish experiences, and set of typical extracurricular activities, yet who are all committed to building a community of like-minded peers, searching for ways to play an active role in the world.

Mitzvah Corps programs vary in length, location, cost, and date range, designed to be accessible to teens with busy summer schedules. Participants are welcome to select a program that fits their schedule and price range, or to connect multiple programs for a full summer of social justice.

Partner With Us

We are committed to working with you to make the Mitzvah Corps experience a reality for as many of your teens as possible. To that end, we offer generous matching scholarships with congregations to financially support participation.

To learn more about our matching scholarships, please contact our office.

Recruitment Visits & Promotional Materials 

If you are interested in distributing our promotional materials, actively recruiting for Mitzvah Corps, inviting a member of our team to your congregation, hosting a parlor meeting for interested families, using our logo or graphics on any of your own materials, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to working with you to engage your teens in social justice!