Mitzvah Corps is a network of global social justice travel programs, connecting teens with opportunities to understand the complexities of injustice around the world, how to engage with local communities in a sensitive and respectful way, and how Judaism empowers them to be agents of positive, sustainable change. Our programs go beyond a traditional service trip, working alongside innovative partners, and supplemented by a curriculum designed to address the real issues inherent in volunteer travel.

The success of each program relies on a strong, dynamic, and experienced staff team. Every staff member is responsible for overseeing the emotional, physical, and mental health, happiness, and wellbeing of the participants. With the exception of designated time off, they are "on duty" 24/7. They are expected to contribute equally to both social and educational programming, and approach both structured and unstructured program time with intentionality and purpose, ensuring the Mitzah Corps and Reform Jewish values are prevalent throughout the experience.

Our staff structure is as follows:

Program Developer. An individual or team who is responsible for working part-time, year-round, to lay the foundation of each program. They identify and secure program operations (housing, transportation, etc), and build and maintain relationships with our partners. They are most often not in residence during the summer, but available to support the staff team throughout the program.

Program Director. The director of the site, ultimately responsible for the program’s implementation. They work part-time throughout the spring and summer with the Mitzvah Corps North American team and Program Developer(s) to fully understand the mechanics of the program, adapt Mitzvah Corps’ core curriculum to fit each program, and connect with registered families. During the summer, they supervise the rest of the team, and maintain oversight over the entire experience.

Assistant Program Director. This position is applicable for Mitzvah Corps domestic programs only. The Assistant Program Director brings an elevated level of experience, spends additional time prior to the program being on-boarded to the operational mechanics that are in place, and is prepared to step in as Program Director during any time that the Program Director is unavailable.

Program Staff. These staff members are designed to support the implementation of the program's goals. We look to build teams that bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences, complement one another’s skill sets, and will work collaboratively to ensure that the highest level of safety, security, learning, and integrity is brought to each program.

All Mitzvah Corps staff must be at least 18 years old, have experience working with teens, and have experience in the realm of social justice.

You can find specific responsibilities for each Mitzvah Corps staff position, as well as more comprehensive job descriptions on our Available Positions page. For more information, call 212.650.4071 or email