How old do I have to be to staff a Mitzvah Corps program?
Because all Mitzvah Corps staff members must be able and willing to drive participants, and therefore covered under URJ insurance, they must be at least 21 years of age. Additionally, Mitzvah Corps staff are seasoned leaders, with experience in social justice, immersive teen programming, and oversight of health, safety, and security. Please refer to the job description for more detail.

What is the process for applying to work at Mitzvah Corps?
Once we have received your completed application, the hiring process is as follows:

  • Applicants who meet our minimum qualifications will be contacted for an initial phone interview. This will take approximately 30 minutes, and will both give our team a chance to get to know you, and you a chance to ask any additional questions about Mitzvah Corps that you may have.
  • After the informational interview and the submission of your reference referral forms, if we feel that you would be a good match with one of our program sites, we will set up a second interview with at least two members of our North American staff team.
  • Positions will be offered in late March and early April; all applications that are received after that time frame will be considered on a space available basis.

What happens if I am hired to work at Mitzvah Corps?
You will receive a contract, as well as a number of information forms (I-9, W-4, etc) that we will need to have on file prior to the summer. You will be introduced to your staff team, and provided an applicable timeline and schedule of onboarding and pre-summer preparation. You will also be provided with travel parameters to and from your program site; the Mitzvah Corps staff handles all airfare and train ticket bookings, so please do not purchase your own travel.

How is compensation determined?
Mitzvah Corps program leaders receive a salary reflective of their level of education, length of the program and professional experience. We use a salary scale to determine the offer for each candidate, and offer competitive salaries that are evaluated to ensure they are reflective of the required work and expertise of our staff; we do not negotiate salaries. On top of the salary, Mitzvah Corps covers all reasonable travel expenses, including travel to/from the program and meals and housing accommodations throughout the duration of the program.

When do I get paid?
Staff are generally paid upon completion of their program.

Will I have time/days off?
Because Mitzvah Corps programs are relatively short, and the programs are immersive and require specific staff-to-participant ratios, we cannot guarantee time off, and staff are rarely, if ever, granted traditional 24 hour days off. Each staff team is responsible for communicating with one another about the team’s needs, and then creating a schedule of hours or blocks of time for individuals to take off that meet the needs of the specific program. Examples may include: sleeping through breakfast, taking an hour break during the day, etc.

Will I have to attend a staff orientation?
Each staff team will have several team meetings over the phone/Skype prior to the beginning of the summer with the Mitzvah Corps team, and arrive on site approximately 2-3 days before the teens in order to have an in-person preparation and training time.

What if I am a vegetarian or have diet restrictions?
Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Please advise the Mitzvah Corps North American team of any restrictions well in advance of the summer.

What are the staff sleeping arrangements?
Mitzvah Corps staff sleep in rooms adjacent to teens of the same self-identifying gender. Staff will be housed in single or shared rooms; room assignments vary and are dependent upon the specific accommodations.

What can I expect from my experience on staff at Mitzvah Corps?
Being on staff at any residential program is perhaps the most difficult and most fulfilling job you will ever have. A summer with Mitzvah Corps will be challenging, both physically and emotionally, but most of all, it will be fun! As a staff member at Mitzvah Corps, you will have the opportunity to experience life in our unique community and positively impact the lives of participants.

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