Accessing Your Required Forms

Your personalized Offer Letter and standard hiring forms were sent to you via Adobe Sign from shortly after you received the email indicating our interest in hiring you. It was sent to the email address we have on file for you. If you cannot find it, please ask Ilana Schear ( for another copy.

All other forms are available in the Forms & Documents section of your online account. Some require you to download a PDF and upload the completed version. Others you may fill out and submit directly as an online form.

Required Forms and How to Fill them Out

Along with a summer job comes a bit of paperwork! Here we’ll describe what forms you need to fill out and how to do so correctly.

Overview The following five forms come as one package hosted on Adobe Sign. You received an email from linking to your personalized documents. Only you and our full-time professional staff have access to these documents (signed or unsigned), unless you choose to share the email or link with someone else.

Please fill out all five forms in your web browser, including electronic signatures where indicated. There is no need to download, print, and send handwritten forms to us. You can, of course, download the completed versions for your own records.

Offer Letter Your Offer Letter describes the terms of your employment, including your salary and dates of employment (including required staff orientation).

Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct describes our responsibilities as an employer and your responsibilities as a seasonal employee.

Background Check Authorization The Background Check Authorization (officially “Pre-Employment and Continued Employment/Volunteer Disclosure”) indicates that you authorize us to conduct a background check for you. This allows us to be confident that all the staff we hire are appropriate for their roles supervising minors.

Form W-4 Description Form W-4 is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and serves as your instructions to us, your employer, for how much of your salary to withhold as taxes and pay directly to the IRS on your behalf. The amount withheld counts against your final tax bill at the end of the year – if you overpaid you’ll receive a refund and if you underpaid you’ll owe additional taxes. The calculations are very complex and very few people end the year owed or owing exactly $0, but the W-4 tells our payroll department how to do those calculations for you, based on the information you provide.

Instructions The top two-thirds of the first page are the instructions and your personal worksheet for determining how to fill out the W-4. The bottom third of the first Page is the actual W-4 form, and the only portion you are required to complete. The second page has additional worksheets for specific situations.

Since every individual has their own financial circumstances, there are no one-size-fits-all instructions for filling out your W-4. If you’re unfamiliar with the W-4, you can ask parents, relatives, or trusted friends to help you, and/or this guide may be helpful: A Beginner’s Guide to Filling out Your W-4 – Lifehacker.

Form I-9 Description Form I-9 is required by the US Department of Homeland Security to prove that you are authorized for employment by an American employer. All American citizens are authorized to work for American employers. 

Instructions You must fill out Section 1, which includes all of Page 1 (except the Preparer and/or Translator Certification, unless applicable). We will fill out Page 2. On Page 3, you must upload a legible scan or photo of one or two identity verification documents – do not submit more than the minimum required document(s).

We recommend that you use your US Passport as your identity document. If you submit your passport, you do not need to provide any other verification documents.

However, we cannot require you to use your passport. If you choose to verify your identity and authorization for employment with other documents, you must bring them to Staff Orientation with you. We are required by law to inspect your verification document(s) in person.

It is essential that all the text on your document is legible in the scan/photo (make sure your flash does not create glare that obscures the text). If any part of your passport image is illegible, we cannot accept it and will ask you to send a new image.

Overview In accordance with the policies of the URJ Youth summer programs, we require all staff to submit a complete health history, including an exam form indicating the results of a physical examination that occurred within 1 year of the start of your employment dates and signed by your physician. These forms allows us to ensure that you receive appropriate medical care if you are injured or fall ill during the summer program.

Health History Please fill out this online form in your web browser.

Copy of Insurance Cards Please download this PDF, affix copies of the front and back of your insurance card (and prescription card, if applicable), then scan/photograph the completed form. Upload the completed form as a single PDF to the Copy of Insurance Cards slot in your online account.

Medical Examination Form If you have not already, please schedule your annual physical exam for a date before your depart to your Mitzvah Corps program location. At your exam please ask your doctor’s office to complete the form.

If you have already had you annual physical, please contact your doctor’s office and ask them to complete the form based on the record of your most recent physical.

Some doctors will only provide you with a printout of your health history from their record system. We will accept this form in lieu of our exam form.

Once your doctor’s office has returned the completed, signed form to you, please upload the scan/photograph to the Medical Exam Form slot in your online account. If your doctor provided documentation that is more than one page, please ensure the entire document is uploaded as a single PDF.

In this short online form, you’ll provide us with the information we need to book your travel.

We also collect some information that we need from you, but are not allowed to ask before hiring you.